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Drachenfels Logistik service terms & conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply to services that Drachenfels Logistik Gmbh & Co. KG (company registry code: HRA9718, VAT number: DE357388134, address: Bornheimer 127, 53119, Bonn, Germany) (hereinafter the Company) provides for customer (hereinafter: Customer) (hereinafter also referred to as the Party or the Parties), provide the procedure of ordering the carriage of consignment service (hereinafter: Service) by the Company via the website services.
  2. The Company establishes the Terms and Conditions, the Price List and the other terms and conditions determined in respect of the Service and may amend them unilaterally if this is necessary due to a legal amendment or the introduction of a new Service, the amendment of the Service or the termination of the provision of the current Service.

Customer – person who has ordered for the provision of Services by the Company by ordering from

Services – transport of shipment ordered by the Customer.

Parcel(s) or Package(s)– item packaged and marked according to requirements, complying to the dimensions, weight and other conditions given on the Company’s website (

Pallet –  used for transport of goods, that guarantees the permitted carrying capacity and allows for safe handling during transport.

Consignment – Parcel(s) or Pallet(s) the Client has ordered the Company to pick-up packaged and labelled according to requirements.

Recipient – natural or legal person stated on the shipping label as the recipient of the Consignment.

Sender – natural or legal person stated on the shipping label as the sender of the Consignment.

Carrier – delivery company with whom the Company works with. The Carrier will deliver the Package to the Customers doorstep or pickup point.

Order – order made by the Client to the Company for the provision of the Service. – the Company’s website (

Price List – fee(s) stated on the Company’s website that the customer must pay to the Company for providing a Service.  

  1. The Company may use third parties for providing the Service. The Company discloses information in relation to the Agreement to such third parties only to the extent it is necessary for them to properly provide the Service.
  2. The Company has the right to ask the Customer or the person assigned by the Customer upon receiving the consignment to present identification document depending on the content of the Shipment.
  3. The Company shall organise the delivery of the Consignment in compliance with requirements taking reasonable care to ensure that the Consignment is delivered in good condition.
  4. The Company shall ensure that all the documents prescribed by legislation regarding the shipment have been prepared.
  5. The Company shall immediately contact the Customer should any circumstances hindering the provision of Service occur.
  6. The Company will not know or check the contents of the Consignment. The Customer is responsible for the contents of the Consignment and confirms by submitting the Order that the Consignment meets requirements stipulated in the Terms and Conditions and by the law.
  7. The Customer shall give the Company the addresses of the places of departure and destination of the Consignment.
  8. The Customer shall give the Company other important data regarding the Consignment and identification thereof (e.g. The order number related to the Consignment).
  9. The Customer shall pay the Company a fee for provision of the Services, pursuant to the effective Price List in a timely manner. The Company accepts payment by credit card, bank transfer. If the Customer fails to make payment, the Company reserves the right to cancel the delivery.
  10. The dimensions (length/width/height) and weight (kg) of the Consignment are shown on The Customer must choose correct size of the Package(s) while ordering via In case the Customer has not ordered the correct size of Package(s) the Company will contact the Customer for further instructions and the order pickup might be delayed. All packages larger than those available on are considered special handling and require a separate quote. For this, the customer should contact the Company.
  11. The Customer submits an Order for Service on The Customer must provide the Company with correct contact details, location of the Package(s) and other essential data (including the number of the order;  the total weight of the packages etc). The Customer is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of consignment-related data. The Company has the right to request additional information and instructions as it sees fit, primarily for the purpose of ensuring the accurate pricing and proper provisions of the Service.
  12. Consignment may not contain dangerous goods, valuable documents and securities, including banknotes and money; valuables, e.g. Precious metals, gemstones, real pearls, exclusive watches, antiques, or the like; weapon and parts of weapons, according to applicable law and classification in the customs tariff, or ammunition; narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances; fireworks; human remains, body parts, organs and urns or similar containing ash; living or dead animals; temperature sensitive goods, biological substances and diagnostic samples that are packaged and marked in accordance with the IATA instructions. The Company does not assume any liability for Consignment of prohibited content. The Company has the right to suspend any further delivery or Consignments of prohibited content and destroy the Package(s) that pose a risk to the health, property or environment of the employees of the Company or that of third parties and to the other Consignments. Company has the right to open, inspect and check the contents of the Consignment without prior notice without any legal consequences or liability. Such action is justified primarily for ensuring that the Consignment is safe and conforms to the law and terms and conditions; protecting the contents of a damaged Consignment; preventing or avoiding threats that the Consignment may pose to people or property; fulfilling a legal requirement or respond to an enquiry from a legally qualified administrative body; detecting whether the Consignment contains prohibited items listed herein.  The Customer must compensate for any damage and cost incurred in connection with the Consignments that contain prohibited substances or do not comply with packaging requirements.
  13. The Customer is responsible for checking the goods upon delivery and reporting any damages or discrepancies to the Company within 24 hours of receipt. The Customer must submit to the Company any complaints and claims for damages in writing along with the documents substantiating the claim: photos of the broken items; invoice for delivery service; invoice for contents of the package etc and any other information the Company may additionally request. Upon receival of the claim the Company forwards the information to the Carrier. The claim handling process for damaged package may take up to 45 days. The claim handling process for lost package may take up to 120 days. Complaint should be sent to
  14. In case the Customer has purchased delivery insurance in the event of damage the Company will process a refund within 3 business days upon receival of the documents mentioned in Clause 15. In case package is lost, a full refund will be issued within 30 business days from when the package was picked up from the Company.
  15. The Company has the right to transfer its rights, responsibilities, and obligations to its affiliates, and at its own risk use subcontractors to fulfil its obligations.
  16. Force Majeure. The Company is not liable for loss, depreciation, damage, or delay caused by obstacles or circumstances beyond the Company’s control, that the Company could not reasonably have foreseen. Force majeure events include, without limitation, industrial and labor disputes and any other circumstances beyond control of the Parties, such as epidemics and pandemics, including Covid-19, as well as actions by national and international authorities in connection therewith, natural disasters, unrest, fires, wars, transport restrictions, general limitations in power and energy supply, system failure and loss or destruction of data due to intrusions or virus attacks etc. As well as obstacles and delays from subcontractors, which are due to any of based circumstances mentioned. The Party whose performance of contractual obligations is hindered as a consequence of force majeure event must immediately notify the other Party thereof. If force majeure events continue for more than 90 (ninety) calendar days, the agreement is deemed terminated due to impossibility of performance of the Service. If force majeure events hinder timely performance of the Service, the time for performance is extended for period equal to the time lost by reason of the delay in the performance of Services.
  17. The Company may amend the Terms and Conditions, Price List and other terms unilaterally if this is necessary due to legal amendment or the introduction of a new Service, the amendment of the Service or the termination of the provision of the current Service. The Terms and Conditions, Price Lists etc related to the provision of the Service are accessible on the Company’s website.
  18. Disputes between Company and Customer are resolved by way of negotiations and if no agreement is reached the dispute resolution process will be conducted in accordance with the laws of Germany.
  19. The Customer confirms that they have read the Terms and Conditions, agree with them and undertake to comply with them by filing an order or agreeing with a quote made by the Company.